Trinity Street Capital Partners (TSCP) offers¬†commercial real estate loans and structured finance solutions for a variety of circumstances, with loan amounts as low as $5MM, with no maximum loan limits.¬† TSCP’s approach consists of a clear identification of the client’s requirements, market/ property economics, sponsorship background, resulting in optimum pricing & leverage.

Our programs include permanent finance for both commercial and residential stabilized properties in all 50 states and are typically available for properties with a minimum occupancy of 85%. Loan terms range from 5 to 15 years and amortization periods up to 30 years, with interest only options available.

Loan Amount:
$5MM and up

Early Rate-Lock:
Subject to transaction quality

Loan Term:
5- 15 years

Property Types:
Office, Industrial, Self-Storage, Retail, Hospitality and Multifamily

Lien Type:
First Mortgage/ Deed of trust

Up to 75% of appraised value

Interest Rates:
Corresponding US Treasury + 150bps and greater

Interest only to 30 years

Minimum of 1.25x

Origination fee:
Subject to transaction quality

Exit Fee:

Step-down, Yield Maintenance or Defeasance

Non-recourse, subject to standard carve-outs

All 50 states